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Optometric Practice Challenges

The demands on optometric practices to achieve excellence and patient satisfaction while meeting financial and operational objectives require more effort than ever. In an ever increasing regulatory environment, practices are continually challenged with non-revenue generating activities that consume the doctor’s time and erode profitability. Typical practice challenges include:

  • Decreasing insurance reimbursements
  • Unfilled and no-show appointment slots
  • Coverage voids created by Optometrist turnover
  • Administrative burden of Optometrist recruitment and scheduling
  • Patient attrition and turnover
  • Patient walk-outs and co-pay only revenue due to limited insurance plans
  • Revenue lost through improper claims coding
  • Increasing compliance and risk management responsibilities

Partners Insight Benefits

Partners Insight was created by an optometrist for optometrists. Dr. Kevin Brooks has over 20+ years of Optometric experience, having launched Global Care Optometry, formally Gulf Coast Optometry in 2005 and grown the practice to 55+ locations throughout Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. Our mission is to provide best in class solutions, and remove the day-to-day administrative burdens that limit the doctor’s ability to practice and deliver excellent medical care, while maximizing their income potential. Each and everyday, our mission is to:

  • Increase practice revenue & economic value
  • Reduce costs and increase practice profitability
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Minimize administrative burdens
  • Provide for increased level of patient care and satisfaction
  • Reduce the stress and financial burden of opening/assuming a practice
  • Free up time for you to refocus your priorities
  • Accomplish this with minimal to no incremental expense

Practice Management Services

Appointment Setting
  • Ensures maximum patient scheduling, with fewer no-shows
  • Accommodates simple and fast website generated appointment requests
Claims Processing
  • Responsive billing experience backed by insightful expertise and powerful software
  • Claims and supporting documentation reviewed by certified coders prior to submission to ensure clean claims and proper reimbursement.
  • Ensure that only the most accurate codes and patient data will be entered, resulting in higher reimbursements, and minimized compliance risk
  • Identify services provided that may not have been properly billed and reimbursed. Whether preventing refunds or finding new revenue, our services save you money.
  • Coding and documentation audit, helping to ensure that you receive the optimal reimbursement, while maintaining compliance with policies and regulations.
  • Recover lost revenue opportunity due to lack of credentialing with the right carriers. A walk-out or lost patient can easily lead to missing two additional new patients per day for the credentialing period of three months. At $59 per appointment, that translates to $3,600 per month of lost revenue.
  • Streamlined provider credentialing for maximum reimbursements and decreased credentialing turnaround.
  • We handle it all. We will complete all of the necessary forms and applications for third-party payor applications. That includes the periodic credentialing maintenance as required.
Customer Service
  • Protect your brand with a consistent high service level and professional image
  • Leverage trained Agents to address difficult situations that help resolve issues and retain patients
  • Reduce or eliminate patient interruptions that impact a provider’s need for patient time 
Electronic Medical Records
  • Best in class Compulink EMR, including data migration, updates, and on-going training
  • Increase practice efficiency, profitability and increase time to see more patients
  • Instant website and social media presence for brand building
  • Extensive network of candidates to leverage for full and part time and fill-ins
  • Professionally prepared advertising campaigns
  • Resume and telephone interview screening
  • Documented employer references and licensure/certification verification
  • On-Site Interviews available for final candidate(s) (optional)
Retinal Imaging
  • Ancillary revenue stream helps to balance out decreasing insurance reimbursements
  • Increases patient retention when year over year retina image comparison is promoted
  • Includes on-site training for existing and future techs
  • Responsive provider liaison to resolve fill-in requirements and overall practice scheduling
  • Proprietary software to manage multiple doctors and office, including full-time, part-time, and fill-ins
  • Offload the software and regulation “stay current” risk, access deep expertise and re-focus your priorities
  • Practice software is always up-to-date
  • On-site hardware technical support when problems arise
  • Techs are trained in the use and marketing of the retina camera
  • Software is updated, with on-site as well as remote training

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